Hello again!


Anthony and I like to challenge ourselves. When business is slow, or we feel that we are becoming to comfortable in our niche, we like to step outside of our comfort zones and try something new. This day we went and challenged ourselves to go to a location, press the shutter button once, and accept whatever image we made.

This challenge is fun, because it forces you to know your camera and lens very well if you are to have any hope of successfully completing it. I got the idea after watching Sean Tucker’s video, “A (bit more than a) landscape tutorial: Snowdonia” If you aren’t already, I would highly recommend watching his videos. Yes, he has technical tips and tricks, but more importantly, he teaches you how to think like a photographer.

Anyway, we went out to Daniel’s Park in Sedalia, Colorado. It’s a lovely place for a picnic, a hike, for some photography; whether landscape or wedding or family portraiture it’s perfect. Here’s my shot:


I would recommend all you burgeoning photographers to try this challenge. It’s fun, and forces you to learn. What more do you need? I mean, other than visiting our site, penumbra-photography.com, of course!



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